Moving somewhere new should not be about being away from home. It should be about being closer to achieving your dreams.

At we support you on your pursuit of dreams by making you feel closest to home.

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Mabaat bring you great moments. Whether you come for leisure or work, we want you to feel comfortable as you are at your own home.

Attention to detail and continuous improvements are what makes Mabaat stand-out. It starts from the check-in moment, the beautiful bespoke interior design and our focused customer service.

We are ready to support and reply to any questions.

Easy Booking

We are present on the most prestigious and well-known markets, reaching a huge audience.

Premium locations

Our properties are located in good locations, with great access and facilities


Our offers are diverse, providing different experiences to guests... always making them feel at home.

Value for money

Our efficient operation delivers the best value for money.